About Us

Our Focus

• We are a team of Visionary Leaders committed to empowering and awakening the leader in each of us, who recognize that a better way is required.

• We are committed to awakening organizations and individuals to a new sense of self, a sense of purpose and support a commitment to change.

• We will promote and foster a new way of doing business - a way that will move us creatively through these economic crossroads.

• We recognize that systems and strategies are collapsing around us and a new paradigm is essential for future success.

Our Vision

• To be in service to an evolving world.

• To bring a new approach to management, leadership and partnership.

• To support leaders to awaken to a true sense of purpose, and a willingness to serve.

• To reclaim and transform the world by shifting anger into positive energy and fear into trust.

• To support the leader within to align with one's purpose and remember that everyone has a contribution to make - in the family, the workplace and the world.

• To awaken humanity, one person at a time.

Our Committment

• To support the awakening of leaders to recognize that the change required, is within each of us.

• To provide training and support to raise the consciousness of each individual.

• To support each person to recognize their value and the contribution they have come to make.

• To assist in the recognition of the value of service, and our individual responsibility to align with our purpose.

• To assist in bringing peace to the family, the workplace and the world.

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