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Facilitated by Psychology of Vision Trainers:
Joanne Roberts and Betty Lou Hunt

If you sense that your company is requiring change and you are not sure which way to go, you may be one the companies being called to shift internally versus externally. There is a new breed of business men and women appearing on the scene as leaders. They are potential visionaries who know that business cannot be conducted as usual. They know that there has to be a better way and they have committed themselves to find this new way. These people may already be in your organization and are awaiting this level of transformational training. Visionary Leaders Canada provides in-house training, which creates team building and a strong level of emotional maturity for the organization.

What would this look like?
How could it happen?
What is the Emotional Maturity of your team?
What is the Emotional Intelligence of your team?

Most companies that are moving into a transformational approach to business require a Mentor and Coach to support the this accelerated paradigm shift.
This is where a good leader will take you to where you want to go, a great leader takes you beyond where you thought you could go. Developing Visionary Leaders with Emotional Intelligence is a creative and supportive process. These are exciting times for business, let us support you to take that next step.

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Steps to Consciousness
in Business/Steps to Success:

Given the acceleration of change, both in consciousness and society, leaders at all levels recognise the need for tools to support this change. Our next step as leaders is to connect within ourselves to a level of wisdom that has not been shared. This conscious business program will provide tools to access a transformational approach for this change and provide participants with the innate ability to lead from the inside out. Consciousness in business is the new way.

This program will support participants to go from Leadership to Visionaries. What it takes for us to show up as leaders to support this transformational shift will be provided with the Steps to Conscious Business program. The biggest chokehold on business is the psychology and skill set of its managers and leaders. If you can change that, you can change your business. If you want to lead others, you must be able to lead yourself first.

Developing yourself as a visionary leader with emotional intelligence you will awaken you to who you truly are and will provide you with the wisdom to make empowered choices that will open the doors to greater levels of success and personal fulfilment.

This program is a 12 module-training program. It will be taught one module at a time. The program will provide you with a practice partner that will be your own personal support.

You will be provided a one-on-one session each month with one of the program facilitators. Facilitators will coach and mentor participants.

The duration/time of the program will be decided by the team.

Audit Program

This program is to support Leaders who have recognised the call to become visionaries in leadership and are looking for a program that instructs in an experiential approach of facilitation, a conscious approach to leading a team and the process of leading from the inside out. They are provided with the opportunity to shift from just leading to experiencing the process of empowerment.

It’s main principle for participants is to recognise "that the world outside of me is me."

Coaching/Mentor Program

This is a transformational approach for coaching.

Coaches that are trained in a transformational format are the coaches of the future. The most effective way to train as a transformational coach is to work with and experience the "process".

Being comfortable in the transformational principles for business is a prerequisite for this VLC program.

The coaching profession is one of the fastest growing professions. Transformational coaches will be the change agents for the future.

Corporate Forums

These forums are for Leaders in Corporate and Political Positions looking for new tools for the future. Monthly forums provide support for like-minded leaders to share their own personal experiences, as they move into this new paradigm for change. This is an interactive and creative process. These forums provide Leaders with Transformational Principles for Business.

Business isn’t just business any more. There is so much more. We require an integration of all dimensions to become transformational humans with the ability to transform our world, our lives and our companies. We all have a sense that this process is already in effect within us. We are feeling the requirement to know more.

This forum format, introduces us to techniques and tools to do so . Sharing with people who are already experiencing the shift for themselves, is not only creative, it is stimulating. Transformational leadership is a natural state. How to access this is the big experience. These forums most certainly activate this natural state.

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