Awaken the Inspired Leader Within

March 3 & 4, 2018

A Workshop based on the principles of Psychology of Vision and Steps to Leadership Program.

Many of us have a strong sense of wanting to make a difference. If you feel a call to serve humanity, an inspired self is awakening in you to lead others for change. It is an Inspired Leader's gift to take people beyond where they thought they could go. To be an Inspired Leader is to align with spirit and embrace that we will be guided. A willingness to transform the parts of ourselves that are not aligned with our soul's purpose is required. The support of other souls who feel this call gives us the courage and freedom to take this step.

Spend a weekend connecting and aligning with others whose soul's purpose is to awaken this inspired self. many are called, but few choose to go. Are you one of the many... or one of the few?

This workshop will Assist Participants to:
• Explore the evolutionary path of our personal journey as we become inspired leaders.
• Embrace the process of our souls's wakening.
• Be willing to align with our inspired selves from a place of vulnerability.
• Clear the issues blocking our personal commitment to showing up.

The gift of vision opens as you awaken your emotional intelligence and release what no longer serves your greatest potential. At this point you are able to make empowered choices that naturally lead you forward and inspire those around you.

This program includes:

• Program manual with 30 modules based on Psychology of Vision principles
• Facilitated group sessions to accelerate your development
• Individual coaching
• Partnership coaching
• Three Integrative Workshops
• Leadership development
• Coaching and mentoring support
• Steps to Leadership takes place over 6 - 8 months in order to allow
• Payment schedule available

Facilitated by:

Deb Saimoto & Susan How
Assisted by Greg Hook & Jennifer Ritchie


March 3 & 4, 2018 (Sat & Sun)


Registration, Saturday, 9:30 – 10 am
Saturday, 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday, 10 – 5 pm (ending time approximate)


Pre-registration $295: Door $395


Atrium Inn Vancouver, 2889 E. Hastings (at Renfrew & Hastings), Vancouver, BC

To Register:

Call Deb Saimoto @ 604-318-4576 or Jenn Ritchie @ 604-616-0052

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