Our Trainers
Betty Lou Hunt Betty Lou Hunt

Betty Lou Hunt is a Coach/Facilitator who operates Prince Rupert Occupational Rehab and is a founding partner of Cornerstones Wellness Centre. She has 38 years experience in motivating people to make changes in their lives.

Joanne Roberts Joanne Roberts

Joanne Roberts is a Coach/Facilitator. She is the Executive Director of Cornerstones Wellness Centre, an Integrated Alternative Health Facility. Her service on political and corporate boards has provided her with valuable training for building and empowering teams.

Joanne and Betty Lou are business partners in Cornerstones Wellness Centre. This is an Alternative Wellness Centre with its basic approach to health care being based on Energy Medicine. They have been in business for 12 years and have used transformational practices and principles with their practitioners and clients. They are both very straight forward in their approach to what it takes to realign a company with transformational principles for business. They have first hand experience of the process that a company must go through, to make the necessary shifts that are required to be TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS. They approach their work with passion, outrageousness and practical coaching ideas for change. Betty Lou and Joanne are Personal and Corporate Coaches and use an energetic approach They share this process as they present their programs. They truly are cutting edge facilitators.

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