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Corporate Coaching

Discover new ways to lead,
manage and work with teams.

Business isn’t just business anymore- as the speed of change accelerates and creates chaos in all our worlds, how do we, as leaders, equip ourselves and our employees to ride the wave of change? We can no longer work hard enough to effect the changes required.

What does a conscious approach mean, how can it transform issues that are appearing in our world, in businesses, politically, with our governments and our lives in general? Some of the issues that CEOs, managers, coaches, facilitators and team leaders are discovering is that this new way to manage, lead and work with teams requires a new paradigm with new leadership techniques and skills.

Some of the techniques that our coaches and facilitators will address are:

  • How to create a transformation company framework
  • How to break free of old paradigms
  • How to pursue a transformation approach to business versus an
  • incremental business as usual approach
  • How to think really big/right past the “box”
  • Box? What Box?

Areas that our Coaching program will benefit are:

  • Addressing leadership styles that no longer work
  • Enhancing leadership skills that align with the new paradigm
  • Assisting the transition to this new conscious level of leadership
  • Developing a 360 degree change in your relationships with your colleagues and employees
  • Learning how to stay politically savvy
  • Managing the change that is inevitable
  • Developing a Conscious Executive Presence
  • Building an effective Transformational Team

What you can expect from our team:

  • An assessment interview with CEOS and upper management
  • One on one assessments and feedback report
  • Interviews with key support team
  • Face to face and telephone coaching
  • Resources and materials for a transformation approach to business

This is our commitment as Visionary Leaders Canada, to support people to go beyond where they thought they could go with cutting edge ideas for change in business.

If you are looking for the shift of your business from the inside out, for more information call us at Visionary Leaders Canada at 604-314-8257

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